Deep Conditioner

This nutrient-rich treatment saves your strands from the stressors of day-to-day life by adding extra moisture for shiny, healthy hair.

Blow-dry & Style

Starting with freshly cleansed and conditioned hair, our stylists apply different techniques to achieve the perfect straight, wavy or curly style.

Woman’s Haircut

Consult with our stylists to create a look that compliments your features and accents your personal style. Includes shampoo, blowdry and style.

Men’s haircut

Add some swagger to your step with our high-quality men’s haircuts. Includes shampoo, cut, style & neck clean-up.

Virgin Bleach

This process lifts virgin hair for either toning that beautiful beach blonde bomb shell color or to use for the base for more vivid colors.

Foil Color

This traditional highlighting method is good for achieving dramatic color contrast between highlights and lowlights.

Single Process Color

For mild color changes, this all-over color process is perfect for covering grays and adding shininess and depth to dull hair.

Partial Foil Color

Using the same process as foils, partial highlights are placed around the face for a brightening/framing effect or to touch up root growth.

Double process color

For more dramatic color changes, this two-step color process neutralizes the existing color to prepare it for the desired shade.


Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. It allows for sun-kissed natural-looking hair color , similar to what nature gives us as children.